Software & Application Development

A clearly stated corporate mission, ably backed by total commitment of its staff, has made Bangladesh IT Institute (BITI) the NUMBER ONE software house of Bangladesh. BITI provides a wide range of business applications for all kinds of users starting from the smallest operation with one PC to a networked environment. Whether the user requires small household financial software, or a fully integrated real-time on-line microfinance application, or an ERP, with electronics interfaces, BITI is geared towards satisfying the customer needs fully and completely. BITI success story is the outcome of its commitment to maintain a team of fully trained highly developed competent technical personnel who are required to update themselves on a continuous basis from home and abroad. Investment in training is one area where BITI refuses to cut corners.

Expertise in Operating System

BITI has been maintaining and supporting for years different variants of Windows Server that includes Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003/ Windows Server 2008/ Windows Server 2012. BITI also has a number of certified professionals on Microsoft platform, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Hardware and Software personnel are trained from home and abroad on the existing as well as new tools & products. The process of keeping the resources up to date with latest technology is in place.

Expertise in Development Tools and Languages

BITI maintains a highly skilled group of software professionals equipped with various technologies as follows:

Analysis & Design : OOAD & UML Architecture/Framework: Client-Server, nTier & CSLA.NET Application Server: MS IIS, Oracle AIS & Apache

Languages/ Development Tools : C#, VB.NET, VB6, ADO.NET, XML, Java, Oracle Developer & COBOL

Web Technologies : HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, JSP & XML

Component Technologies : COM, DCOM, COM+, WINAPI, J2EE & EJB

Other Tools : Crystal Reports, Visual UML, CodeSmith, VSS and VbExpress & NetAdvantage

Expertise in RDBMS

BITI has a proven expertise in relational database management system. The RDBMS includes Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. The software professionals are trained on database administration and tuning of these products.

Project Management and Process Management

For software project management BITI follows Agile Methodology. BITI has certified project managers to manage project professionally. 

In-House Training Facilities

BITI maintains an in-house Training Center where regular classes are held for its own staffs. Whenever a person acquires knowledge about any new product, it is transferred to others in the organization. The same facility, where all necessary equipment’s are installed, is used to impart training to BITI customers. 

Research and Development Lab

To keep the momentum of continuous thrust for exploring new era of technology BITI has quite a few R&D Labs which are specific to few products like Financial Software, ERP and solution like Cisco IPCC. Developing secured ISO 8583 messaging format for integration is one of the remarkable outcomes of R&D Lab.

Solution Provider

BITI offers system study, system design, development, implementation, support and maintenance, as well as project management, project service and consultancy service on variety of platforms. BITI has developed solutions out of many years of experience and professional expertise. Our core focus is to design and develop solutions that suit tomorrow's business requirements.

BITI offers flexible delivery options which include total or shared responsibility for projects. Work is undertaken at the clients’ location or at BITI development center. Work can also be performed for any stage of the project life cycle.

BITI provides on-site / off-shore software development solution and custom application development along with technical support and maintenance services. It offers solutions in almost all major areas with special focus on Real Estate, Health, Education, manufacturing, sales, distributions, MIS etc.

Turnkey projects have always been BITI ' forte. The methodology adopted includes a mix of on-site and off-site activities. Study and analysis are the activities that are performed on-site in close interaction with the customers and end-users. System design, development and testing are performed off-site in BITI ' premises. It has also successfully participated in 'Joint Application Development' projects, where a number of parties have developed various components of an Application Package.

The is in a unique position to provide and support end to end IT Solution covering both Infrastructure and Business Application part. The great value add a customer can have is to get single point of service for all IT needs. 

BITI is mainly focused on providing solutions to its customers. Currently we are offering solutions in the following areas:

# IT Infrastructure Management

# Intelligent Data Management, Consolidation, Data Protection, Data Achieve, Data Backup, Data Migration, Data Replication, Disaster recovery, High Availability

# Virtualization Technology 

# Software & Application Management etc

Services Offer to the Customer 

# Web Based Application 

# Desktop Application 

# Database Application

# Custom Mobile Apps Development Services 

# Product Development 

# Application Migration 

# Database Migration

# Content Management System