Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) is an awarding Centre and global provider of United Kingdom Higher Education and this qualification provides the opportunity to achieve British Higher Education by studying locally recognized partnership centre. ATHE provides the opportunity to earn Level-3 diploma certification which is equivalent to A- Level and H.S.C. After completing Level-3; you are eligible to start gradually Level-4, 5 and Final year Top-up programme. However, ATHE Level 4 & 5 Course carries 240 credits and most Universities will accept students for top up onto the final year of an Undergraduate Degree. ATHE Level-4 is equivalent to University 1st year, Level-5 is equivalent to University 2nd year and Level-6 or Top-Up is equivalent to University Final Year and besides you will get single certification for completing each Level. Now ATHE qualification is not only accepted in UK Universities but also USA, UAE & Asian Content.

ATHE Education is providing assessment and certification through recognized British qualifications throughout the world. We are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and have qualifications listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England. Now ATHE is offering three valuable subjects for the Bangladeshi students which are Computing, Business Management and Law.

Earning a Bachelor Degree or MBA is a simple and low cost with Bangladesh IT Institute. Earn your Extended Diploma programme and the top-up to a Bachelor or MBA degree by classroom based or on-campus through UK top ranking universities:

# Anglia Ruskin University

# Southampton Solent University 

# University of Sunderland London Campus

# Northampton University 

# Coventry University 

# Cardiff Metropolitan University 

# University of Bolton

# University of Bedfordshire 

# Prince Edward Island University

Why Choose ATHE

# Obtain a globally recognized British degree in Bangladesh 

# Offering time & cost-effective, fast-track courses leading to accredited qualifications including ‘ATHE’ extended diploma Level- 4, 5 and Bachelor programme

# Recognized Centre - ATHE (Award for training and higher education) 

# Flexible routes to graduation 

# World class teaching faculty and modern campus facilities 

# Part time job facilities during study period