Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016

Course Prerequisite

No Prerequisite needed.

Course Outline :


Class 01   Preparing for Windows Server 2016

Class 02   Deploying server
                  Preparing the build lab 
                  Building images 
                  Deploying images

Class 03   Server remote management

Class 04   Deploying domain controllers

Class 05   Active Directory administration

                  Administering Active Directory objects using ADAC

Class 06   Network administration

                  Ensuring DHCP availability

                  Managing DHCP failover

Class 07    Hyper-V virtualization

Class 08    File services and storage

                  Deploying Storage Spaces

                  Provisioning SMB shares

                  Configuring iSCSI storage

Class 09    Print and document services

Class 10    Implementing Group Policy

Class 11    Configuring Windows Firewall and IPsec


Class 01    Deploying and updating Windows Server 2016

                  Configuring and servicing Windows Server images

                  Automatically deploying Windows Server images

                  Servicing and updating deployed servers

Class 02    Managing account policies and service accounts

Class 03    Configuring name resolution

Class 04    Administering Active Directory

Class 05    Managing Group Policy application and infrastructure

Class 06    Group Policy settings and preferences

Class 07    Administering network policies

Class 08    Administering remote access

Class 09    Managing file services


Class 01    Advanced Active Directory infrastructure

Class 02    Active Directory sites and replication

Class 03    Advanced DHCP and DNS

Class 04   Active Directory Certificate Services

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Windows Server 2016